"I-10 cut off access to my farm and I lost 300 feet on each side without compensation" P.A. Longer told me as he gave me a tour of what was left of 400 acre form he started 45 years and seven kids ago.The windmill was built in 1914 and the 40 gallon barrel supplies water to his Black Angus beef cattle. He also raises corn and soybeans. ​He laments big machinery taking over farming and not many small farms left. He said "Politicians don't care about farmers, and I can't even get the dirt road cleared to get to my home."He still thinks the farm is the best place to raise kids. "It teaches responsibility and respect of land and animals, but none of mine stayed. You know, I didn't want them to have to work as hard as I did," he said, "and you know they don't." Laser Print 12x18. Signed and Numbered.

Just Holding On

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