Mike Kulivan, working alone in a 40-footer, is called “The Animal” because he goes out in any kind of weather. “Everybody thinks fishermen make lots of money; they remember the days when you make $500, but forget the months when you don’t make anything.” With his boat, Mark Anthony, dry-docked for repairs, he won’t make any money during this time. “It has to be done about once a year,” he complains as we walk down for a closer look. “It’s a small boat,” he says, “and small boats don’t stand a chance nowadays. The big double rigs are taking over; you can hardly make a living no more . . . fuel’s gone up and material for boat building. The price of shrimp went down. Sometimes I get disgusted and want to get out of this racket . . . but what you going to do? I don’t have no trade. All I know is fishing.” Laser Print 12x18. Signed and Numbered.

Marc Anthony

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